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For all in person and telehealth consultations in Bondi Junction or Wagga Wagga, please call (02) 9386-9780. We require a GP referral to ensure you receive your Medicare rebate for your consultation or procedures.

You are able to book a gastroscopy or colonoscopy with Dr Haifer at Double Bay Day Hospital or Riverina Day Surgery without having a consultation first for a limited number of indications including previous polyps, rectal bleeding or a positive faecal occult blood test. 

It is important to familiarise yourself with the information about the procedures (click here for more information) and if you have any questions or concerns, we'd prefer you to book in for a consultation where Dr Haifer can address these.

People who are eligible to book straight in for a procedure:

- Are under 80 years of age

- Not taking blood thinners (apart from aspirin)

- Have no history of diabetes, heart, kidney, liver or lung disease

- Have private health insurance or wish to have their procedure in a private hospital

-Have a current referral

- Have one of the following indications

-Positive faecal occult blood test

-Personal history of colonic polyps

-Family history of bowel cancer

-Rectal bleeding in patients over the age of 40

-Difficulty swallowing

-Previous Barrett's oesophagus

To book for a procedure, please complete the request form and once approved by Dr Haifer, you will receive a call to get further information including Medicare and private health details, discuss the fee's involved and then either book you in for the procedure or a consultation if required. 

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